Wednesday, July 13, 2005


There are a number of flash mp3 players to choose from, they can be embedded in your pages or used directly.

The innovative folks at Wimpy have come up with a suite of Flash players for sale. There's a full-blown multiple track player, a video player, and a button player that plays one song. Although these are meant to be installed on an owners site, you can experiment with them by using one installed on another site. (shhhhh...)

The flash module for the button player is called wimpy_button.swf. Googling the player name returns a number of sites where it's installed -- a short list:
We can borrow one of these to see the player in action. You don't have to actually embed flash players in a page, you can invoke them through an URL; the embedded PARAM elements are converted to URL parameters.

Click this link to play

FireFox users can use keywords to make this easier, just make a new bookmark with the location set to and the keyword set to wimpy.

Typing wimpy will play the file.

This alternate keyword search will open a Wimpy button in a small pop-up instead of a new window:
javascript:{var w=open('','wimpy', 'toolbar=no,width=60,height=60');}

To make things even easier, download the SmartSearch extension. Then all you need to do is highlight an mp3 URL, right click, and select wimpy off the SmartSearch context menu.

For demonstration purposes, you could embed an external player in your page...

and here's the result:

The Elected - Greetings in Braille
From Me First
[MP3 4.55m]



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