Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bitty Browser

Take a look at the Bitty Browser at the top of the sidebar. Pretty neat, huh? This little guy was created by Scott Matthews at Turnstyle.

It features a directory of miniaturized sites:
  • Web site URL
  • RSS, Atom, XML feed URL
  • Podcast URL
  • Backpack -- username
  • Blogmarks -- tag
  • Blogmarks -- username
  • Blogspot -- username
  • -- tag
  • -- username
  • FeedBurner -- feed id
  • Flickr -- tag
  • Flickr -- pool
  • Furl -- tag
  • Furl -- username
  • LiveJournal -- username
  • LiveJournal -- community
  • MSN Spaces -- username
  • Technorati -- tag
  • Wists -- tag
  • Wists -- username
Select the site and plug in the argument and you're mini-browsing right inside another web page! It has a built-in feed reader, and you can launch a detached and resizeable copy of the browser. Every blog should have one!



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Blogger rickdog said...

I'm using CoComment to track my blog comments. It's like a bookmark manager for your blog conversations.

11:59 AM  
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